Branchenbuch Kerpen

Firmenich GmbH  

Straße / Nr.: Alfred-Nobel-Str. 46-56
PLZ / Ort: 50169 KERPEN
Stadtteil: Türnich
Telefon: 02237 69010
Fax: 02237 690169
USt-Id.-Nr.: DE121854698


Putting Firmenich’s world-class research and capabilities to work, we always seek to be at the forefront of our customers’ needs and aspirations. Being a Family business, making a positive contribution to our Communities has always been our priority. That’s why sustainability is at the core of our strategy. To make a bigger impact, we set ourselves pioneering goals to create value for our stakeholders today and for generations to come. For instance, we put our creativity and science to work to address some of the world’s greatest challenges, such as Hygiene and Sanitation, Health and Nutrition and Climate Change. Today, more than ever, I am proud to say that Firmenich is more than a Business. We are a Family, with a Legacy!

Stichwörter, Firmentätigkeit

verkaufen, Chemie, Chemie Einzelhandel, BIOCHEMIE, CHEMISCHE, Einzelhandel, ERZEUGNISSE, Chemiewerk